The Forefront Energy team has decades worth of experience and expertise. So we've put that knowledge to work designing and building an innovative new type of actuators. Our units will give you a new modern way to control your site. Reap the rewards of the latest technology, while you minimize the drawbacks of previous solutions. In other words, our devices will provide you with convenience and flexibility while also reducing emissions. And they will save you money in ongoing costs as well!

Our new actuators are designed to work along with our MK1 hybrid generators. As such, using these two technologies together makes complying with the latest regulations much easier. Choose Forefront Energy products so you can stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovations in site control.

Once our generators are installed on your site, you won't need to use pneumatic (venting gas) actuators any longer. In this way, our actuators provide a simple, cost effective method for solving your emission problems.

NEW! Electric Actuators

We are proud to introduce our latest breakthrough in actuator technology, designed to revolutionize the industry. Our new electric actuator combines reliability, simplicity, and cutting-edge features to deliver outstanding performance. Our electric actuator operates without producing any harmful emissions, ensuring a cleaner and greener environment.

Energy Efficient

With a 24VDC power supply and low energy consumption (2A normal, 7A max), our actuator helps reduce power usage without compromising performance.

High Thrust Capability

Our actuator delivers exceptional thrust, enabling it to handle demanding applications with ease.

Long Stroke Length

Benefit from extended stroke lengths, providing greater flexibility and adaptability to your specific needs.

Extremely Fast

3 second open and close.

Fully Failsafe

In critical situations, our actuator automatically engages the failsafe mode, providing reliable fail protection and preventing accidents.

Simple and Quick Installation

Our actuator features an intuitive design that simplifies installation, saving time and effort.


With user-friendly components and accessible parts, maintenance tasks are hassle-free, minimizing downtime.

Not Just For New Sites

Our units are specially designed to allow us to convert your site very easily! You can upgrade without much extra cost or downtime. And these innovative actuators are not just for new pads! Our units are a cost effective solution for current wells too. Moving existing sites to our system allows you to create green credits while also meeting the newest regulations. We can also convert your existing on site control system. In conclusion, this makes the transition to a greener site an easy decision!

We're very excited about this new way of controlling sites. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like more information on our new actuator technology. We'll be more than happy to provide you with all the details, and answer any questions you might have!

Forefront Energy Ltd. is owned and operated in Dawson Creek, BC. We are proud to offer our hybrid generator and actuator products across Western Canada, with a focus on Northern BC and Alberta. We are ready to work with any oil and gas company in the Peace River Region, including any companies located in Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwynd, Grande Prairie or beyond.

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