Hybrid Generators

Our MK1 units are low cost, high quality hybrid generators that are designed for use in the oil and gas industry. MK1 is made up of two parts, the 5220w solar array, and the power control unit. The solar arrays are all aluminum construction that utilizes a counter weight to hold the arrays in place. This makes it extremely easy to install and very versatile on any location. It also makes it easy to expand with more solar arrays if needed. The power unit consists of a 840AH battery bank that is rated at 3000 cycles to 50% DOD (10+ year life expectancy). High quality marine grade 3kW inverter charger, 3KW auto start back up generator. The power unit is a sealed and environmentally controlled for operation in harsh northern climates.

The latest version of Forefront Energy's MK1 Hybrid Generators

More Than Just A Power Supply Unit

MK1 is not just a power supply unit. It is designed to use with our non-venting valve control system. Our valve control system is so efficient and reliable that we don't need excessive amounts of power. This system has eliminated the need for pneumatics, resulting in zero emissions being released. Please see our actuator page for more specific information.

MK1 hybrid generators are capable of providing a peak output of 1000 watts of pure sine wave 120v AC, and 1000w of 24v DC power. With an impressive 250w continuous load. The power unit can be paralleled with another MK1 power unit to double its output, as well as giving you 120/240 volt split phase. MK1 also has remote monitoring, offering the ability to see realtime power consumption, status, and alarms.

The goal with MK1 is to offer an affordable power solution, that burns next to nothing for fuel while giving you more than enough power for the site's needs. This unit will save emissions dramatically on your site. The savings don't stop there, with almost no fuel burnt you will save on propane/natural gas and you will also save with very little maintenance on the unit. Installation is simple with the plug-and-play set up. Remote access allows for you to monitor power consumption, run time, fuel burnt, and battery life.

MK1 Hybrid Generators: Real World Results

Hybrid generators dramatically lower emissions while still meeting the site's energy needs.

Here's a MK1 on site, a pad that has 6 wells on it. It is running all of the electric actuators along with all of the site's power needs. It replaced the need for 2 TEG units on this site. Since install, the MK1 has saved $500 of propane and 1800kg of CO2 in just one month!

  • High quality TIG welded aluminum construction
  • Built for the oil and gas industry, to increase efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Fully expandable

Benefits of Our MK1 Hybrid Generators

Lower Emissions

Eliminating emissions is very important. Forefront Energy is world-leading in reducing emissions with our MK1 needing less than 50L of propane or natural gas annually, while producing enough power to run your well site.

Compact Size

MK1 is so compact that it can be delivered and set up with a standard crew truck. No pilings or foundation. And it's plug-and-play for easy installation.

Low Cost

MK1 has a very affordable cost to the initial investment, then will continue to save money on fuel cost and carbon tax.

Data Collection

MK1 has the ability to report and record fuel savings, CO2 savings, run-time, and power usage.

Zero Downtime

MK1 is designed to run mostly off the state of the art solar system, with the battery technology it can supply a site with up to 5 days without any sun, after that the backup generator kicks on and charges the batteries.

Solar Solutions

Solar technology isn't new to the oil and gas industry, however this innovative technology is new. We have combined the ability with gathering and storing power for your site's needs while saving money in the process.

Forefront Energy Ltd. is owned and operated in Dawson Creek, BC. We are proud to offer our hybrid generator and actuator products across Western Canada, with a focus on Northern BC and Alberta. We are ready to work with any oil and gas company in the Peace River Region, including any companies located in Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwynd, Grande Prairie or beyond.

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