Trusted by major global producers, our technology is deployed in the most isolated and challenging environments.

Uninterruptible off-grid solar power system 

How it works

Forefront Energy's cutting-edge MRK Power Units harness solar energy to directly meet your site's power requirements. These units charge a modular battery bank, ensuring a 3-day autonomy. The backup generator adds redundancy for extended periods without solar power. The power control unit efficiently manages electricity for electric actuation, chemical pumps, SCADA systems, and other auxiliary power needs.


"A greener future...

The eco-friendly system installed by Forefront has exceeded expectations in terms of reliability and environmental impact. The fact that our backup generator has remained idle since its installation speaks volumes about the system's efficiency."

 - Jason Davies, Advantage Energy LTD.


Seamless operations, uninterrupted flow

The MRK Power Series provides an economical power solution, burning minimal fuel while delivering ample power for your site. This unit significantly reduces emissions, saving on propane/natural gas and maintenance costs. With a straightforward plug-and-play setup, remote access for monitoring, temperature control, and quiet operation, it optimizes performance across all conditions.

Uninteruptable power

Solar powered, 3-day autonomy battery and coupled with a redundant fuel gas or propane generator, our system guarantees unparalleled reliability while maintaining an eco-friendly design.

Reliable, Sustainable, Affordable

Our technology tackles the energy trilemma head on. The MRK Power System is best in class for reliability, sustainability and affordability. 

Compact design

The MRK Power untis are incredibly compact, making it deliverable and set up with a standard crew truck. No pilings or foundation needed, just plug and play for effortless installation.


Real-Time monitoring & reporting

Our proactive remote monitoring delivers real-time oversight, avoiding downtime by preventing issues before they arise, and supplying essential data for ESG scores and carbon credit assessments.

Pre-commissioned & turnkey

We undertake pre-commissioning of the MRK Power Units before shipping, ensuring a streamlined and turnkey deployment process upon arrival at the site.

Theft resistent & temp controlled

All the MRK Power tech, except the solar array, is housed in a high quality TIG-welded, aluminum cabinet. Temperature-controlled and theft-resistant, it ensures the utmost protection for your valuable equipment.


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