Trusted by major global producers, our technology is deployed in the most isolated and challenging environments.

Precision low-displacement hydraulic control

How it works

With decades of experience, the Forefront Energy team has harnessed their expertise to create innovative actuators. Experience a modern approach to site control, enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge technology, reduced emissions, convenience, flexibility, and ongoing cost savings. 

Self-contained hydraulic actuator

The HD-1 self-contained hydraulic actuator: Energy-efficient (24VDC, 2A normal, 7A max), high thrust capability, extended stroke lengths, rapid 3-second operation, failsafe mode, easy installation, and reliable performance with user-friendly maintenance.

Tandem actuation

Harness the power of our HD-1 self-contained hydraulic actuator to effortlessly control two additional actuators. Benefit from energy efficiency, high thrust, extended strokes, rapid operation, failsafe reliability, easy installation, and minimal maintenance for unparalleled performance in multiple applications.

Total site control

The HD-n employs a centralized hydraulic control system to manage an unlimited number of hydraulic actuators. Combining the HD-n control unit with Forefront's MRK-Power Series units delivers the epitome of comprehensive well power and control.

Perfect for retrofits

Our product seamlessly integrates with your on-site equipment. Effortlessly transition your current setup to hydraulic actuation.

Reliable, Sustainable, Affordable

Our technology tackles the energy trilemma head on. The HD Control System is best in class for reliability, sustainability and affordability. 

Integrates seemlessly with MRK-Power

Combine with an MRK Power Unit for total well-pad power and control. Our custom-fabricated, temperature-controlled cabinets securely accommodate both power and hydraulic technologies, ensuring optimal performance.

Theft resistent & temp controlled

The central hydraulic control for the HD-n is housed in a high quality TIG-welded, aluminum cabinet. Temperature-controlled and theft-resistant, it ensures the utmost protection for your valuable equipment.


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